Boston Red Sox Sportsbook Promo Codes

With the MLB being a popular sport for bettors, there are many licensed sportsbooks to choose from when wagering on the Red Sox. Now that it's legal to make wagers on sports in Massachusetts, you should be aware of all your options at the palm of your hand. Before placing bets and grabbing a Fenway Frank, you should know a few things.

Big Sox fan? Want to enjoy the game and place a wager while watching? In that case, you will first want to take advantage of any potential bonus money and promotions available for Sox bettors.

Best Red Sox Sports Betting Promo & Bonus Codes 2024

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Red Sox Betting Analytics

The Red Sox have averaged 4.99 runs per game in the last ten years, being one of the high-scoring teams in the league. We recommend looking into analytics like this to gauge where the team is. You can do so by heading over to some credible baseball reference sites using a simple google search. If you plan on betting every game, you are aware that the team can't win them all, leading to the assumption that you will lose some bets when betting moneyline or run line. This is where analytics can help you maximize profits, as you can make various bets. We mention most of these bets later in the article to familiarize you.

Take advantage of the analytics to help you place a winning wager.

  1. How many runs per game the team is scoring.
  2. How many runs per game the team is allowing.
  3. Each player's hitting stats against right-handed pitchers and left-handed pitchers. The average number of hits-per-game the team has.
  4. Any other applicable statistics you find appealing.

TIP: If you use multiple sites, always compare the odds and lines of the game you bet on. Some sites offer a slight advantage by having a more favorable spread or even better odds on parlays.

Local Deals

Sometimes the hometown sites give the locals extra incentives to bet on their beloved Red Sox; always look at these sportsbooks that originated in MA. Keep an eye out for hometown specials and odds boosts that they may offer.

High-Quality Licensed Sportsbooks Available in MA

There are some other high-quality, licensed sites in MA that you can sign up for, and most also offer sign-up bonuses and new user promotions. You can look at sites like the table above. All these have some juicy incentives to get you betting on their platform, so you should look into them before placing your first bet. Always remember when signing up for these sportsbooks to opt-in or claim these promotions.

Signing Up For The Sportsbook

Anyone who still needs to sign up should first ask any friends if they are already using a sportsbook; you will both be able to take advantage of referral bonuses. Once you are ready to sign up, you will need to take about five minutes and follow these basic steps:

  1. Download the app of preference (we suggest this over using a mobile browser)
  2. Fill in the requested information.
  3. Have your license or ID ready.
  4. Typically, the last four digits of your social security number will be needed (not the entire number)
  5. Opt-in to all promotions and bonuses.

The Terminology Used in MLB Betting

Before placing a wager, understanding the terminology sportsbooks use is vital to betting. There are different ways to bet on the same game; some are more likely to hit, while others are less likely but have bigger payouts. Get familiar with these terms before placing a wager:

  • Straight bet- A straight bet is just as it sounds. When you bet straight up and place a single wager on whatever you choose. This can be a moneyline, run line, or total.
  • Parlay- A juicy bet with increased odds resulting in a high payout. Combine multiple straight bets, but you only win if every bet hits, resulting in a lower success rate.
  • Moneyline- The moneyline is a bet that only includes odds, meaning we pick a specific team to win outright, with no points spread.
  • Run Line- In the MLB, the run line is equivalent to a spread, but the baseball version. Usually, this will be either +1.5 or -1.5, depending on which side we pick.
  • Action- When placing a bet in the MLB, “action” appears next to each option when scrolling the available bets. “Action” means accepting the wager, regardless of a change in starting pitching.

The Many Different MLB Bets

Baseball is a long game, and some people like to win some cash throughout the entire game, as opposed to waiting for the result. You can place many wagers during a Sox game that benefit you from winning early on or even throughout the game. We will provide a few different ways to bet on the Red Sox. Take a look into these bets we love to make ourselves sometimes:

Run Scored in the 1st inning- This is when you choose a run scored in the inning, or the opposite being no runs scored in the first inning. If you choose Yes, and a run is scored in the first complete inning by either team, you win the bet.

F5 Bet – Short for “first five innings,” an F5 bet revolves solely around the first five innings of an MLB game. Consider this if Chris Sale is on the mound, and you feel confident he has a good game. You typically don't need to worry about the bullpen affecting the outcome.

Game Prop Bets- Some sportsbooks might have different prop bets available. Still, some common ones can be total hits between both teams, strikeouts, or steals. With Fenway having the most shallow ballpark in the MLB, maybe you want to bet on the total number of home runs going over.

Player Prop Bets- Much like the game props, these are bets you can win regardless of the final score, the only difference being that you are betting on individual player stats. For example, if you think Rafael Devers will have a good day, you can bet the over on his hit total. Most sportsbooks are even starting to let you parlay these types of bets, combining multiple to try and maximize profits.

Future Bets- A future bet can vary when choosing which route to take on the Sox; there are different options such as over or under total regular season wins, MVP winner, hits leader, home run leader, and of course, World Series Champion futures. If you don't feel confident enough that the Red Sox will win the World Series but like them to make the playoffs, you can even choose to bet on that with most books.

*Be sure also to check out the “same game parlay” sections. Our data shows that various sportsbooks offer this feature.

Collect Your Winnings via Withdrawal

If you want to withdraw the money you won betting on the Red Sox or any game you wager on, you need to know how. Making a withdrawal is just as easy as depositing on most platforms. Check which is most convenient, as some offer different methods such as Venmo, Paypal, ACH, or others. Once you've found which way is most convenient, you can follow these steps:

  1. Request the withdrawal – First, click the withdraw button on your profile page.
  2. Choose withdrawal amount – You can then keep a portion of the funds in your betting account or withdraw all available funds. Type the amount you would like to withdraw.
  3. Wait for your money – In most cases, your first withdrawal could take up to 48 hours for the funds to reach your account. Some might take that long, while others become instant after your first withdrawal. Always check which method is most convenient to receive your funds.

Red Sox Betting FAQ

Why must I upload my ID and give them the last four digits of my social security number?

This information is needed because online sports betting is legal and regulated. They need to be able to verify your identity to ensure you live in the state you are wagering in. On top of that, winnings are taxable over a certain amount, so they must verify your identity for tax purposes.

How do I pay taxes when I win?

You don't need to worry about tracking everything yourself, as the licensed sites will send you a form for tax purposes at the end of each year.

Where do I find the best Red Sox Promotions?

Check the toplist at the top of this page for the best current Red Sox promo codes and bonuses.

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