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Much of New England has legalized online sports betting, allowing many sites to go live regionally. Data shows that the NFL is the most popular sport to bet on in the US, leading to various bonuses and promotions available during football season. If you live in one of the states where online sports betting is legal, this guide will provide you with information and promotions before you start.

Best Patriots Sports Betting Bonuses & Promos 2024

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Caesars Sportsbook
Caesars MA
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The Geographic Boundaries For Patriots Bettors

Outside of Vermont, betting on sports in New England is legal. If you are anywhere in New England besides Vermont, fire up that mobile device and get signed up. Signing up requires minimal effort; just be ready to give some personal information and ensure you are using a licensed sportsbook within state lines. You should be aware that betting is only legal within state lines, and you will be required to allow these sites to track your location while using them. If you try to make a wager in Vermont, it will not accept that wager, even if you are from a state where online sports betting is legal.

TIP: We recommend using a referral link when signing up, as this will help maximize your bonus bankroll. You will receive bonuses, and your friend will also enjoy the rewards.

New England Patriots Expectations

With legendary quarterback Tom Brady now in New England's rearview mirror, the expectations of reaching the Super Bowl are quite different. This typically leads to much higher odds if you are into future bets. In addition to Super Bowl odds, you can take advantage of the Patriot's recent struggles by picking them to win the division, a bet that is much more likely to hit. Instead of paying a hefty juice, you can get some good odds on these futures, leading to a pretty payout should your Patriots pull through for you.

If you still don't believe in the team enough to pull the trigger on those bets, look into the o/u wins total, which is essentially a straight bet for the future. For the Patriots fan that doesn't fully believe they can go the distance but wants to cheer for them while wagering, this might be your best option!

Homer Promotions

Sometimes the hometown sites like to give the locals extra incentives to bet on the Patriots; always look at these sportsbooks for hometown specials and odds boosts they may offer. You can only benefit from it if you are a Pats fan. If there are any local deals available, you will find them on this page.

Thrilling NFL Bets to Make on the Patriots

The NFL has a different type of buzz when it starts up each year; between fantasy football and gambling in general, it's an exciting time of year. There are some exciting bets that you can make within a Patriots game that will get the blood flowing and have you rooting for more than just the outcome.

First TD Bets- A wager placed on which player will score the first TD of the game. If you pick a QB, it must be a rushing or receiving TD. You can also break it down and pick a player to score the first TD for their team instead of the whole game.

First Drive Result- A wager placed on the result of the first drive, with the options being a punt, field goal, touchdown, or turnover on downs.

First Scoring Play- A wager solely based on the outcome of the first scoring play. You will choose from a touchdown, field goal, or safety.

Individual Player Props- Fantasy football is typical. Still, some people want the instant thrill when a player they love stuffs the stat sheet. Individual player props allow you to pick your favorite Patriots player and bet he will exceed expectations.

Common Promotions and Bonuses Among Our Favorite Sportsbooks

Each site will most likely have identical promotions and bonuses, albeit putting its spin on how it may appear on its platform. For example, some books might call it “bet insurance” when referring to a risk-free bet. Some of the most common bonuses and promotions are:

Risk-Free Bets- As mentioned above, risk-free bets can have various titles. One platform might call it “bet insurance,” while others call it a “no-sweat bet.” Regardless, a user can place a wager, sometimes up to $1,500, and receive the entire stake if it does not win. However, this type of bet requires us to deposit whatever we wish to wager.

Boosted Bets- Boosted bets offer some of your best chances to maximize profit, occasionally having a “super boost” as well, simply turning a heavily favored bet into even money or allowing something super easy to be wagered on. An example would be the Patriots completing one or more passes at +100. Typically they will have a max bet of $50 or $100 for these types of promotions.

Specials- Data shows that every online sportsbook offers specials, many in different forms. There has been an increase in “no brainer” style bets, in which the book gives the option to wager on something almost guaranteed to hit and makes it +100 on the site. It is usually so easy to hit that even a miracle can't make it lose. One example is “the Patriots to complete one or more passes at +100.

Referral Bonuses- These are some of the best to take advantage of, and just about every site offers a referral bonus to its users. For a referral bonus, the colleague referred must have a settled wager. That means that they placed a bet, which either won or lost.

NFL Betting Options When Betting on the Patriots

The Terminology used in the NFL will be important when learning the different bets. We will make sure you are familiar with all the betting terms below:

  • Straight bet- A straight bet is an individual wager on a game or an event in which the outcome is determined by spread, money line, or total.
  • Parlay- A parlay is when we combine multiple straight bets, increasing our odds and resulting in a much higher payout. To win a parlay, no single bet involved can lose.
  • Moneyline- The moneyline is a bet that only includes odds. This means we pick a specific team to win outright, with no points spread.
  • Spread- In the NFL, the spread is when the oddsmakers set a number of points the favored team has to win by. For example, if you bet on the Patriots -3 against the New York Jets, the Patriots would have to win by three or more for it to be a winning wager.
  • Teaser- A very common bet in the NFL, there are multiple teaser options, some allowing you to choose between four to fifteen games. A standard NFL teaser is a 6 point two-team teaser. This is when you get 6 points added to the spread you choose to bet on. If the Patriots were +3, they now become +9 in a teaser.

Withdrawing After A Winning Wager

If you won a wager and are looking to see the funds immediately, you should know that, although you can cash out instantly, your first withdrawal will take up to 48 hours in most cases. After your first one, they typically are instant. We have experienced withdrawals hit anywhere from 30 minutes to 24+ hours.

Early Cashout Tip: Our data shows that almost every sportsbook allows you to cash out on a wager if it looks like there is a potential it can win. If you have an ongoing parlay, check the bottom of the ticket to see an early cashout option. This typically means there is a decent chance your bet will hit, so the book wants to settle it early to avoid paying more. We have seen early cashout options on bets that have won and lost, so it's always worth weighing your options.

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